Anywhere from 1-8 Times per month!

This depends on which membership a student chooses. We offer a flexible schedule because we understand everyone works. We have multiple classes throughout each day every week!

YES, You are able to get a CCW through courses taught a Low Signature Resource Center!

Orange County, Riverside County, and 42 out of 88 Cities of Los Angeles County are available currently for students looking to obtain there CCW. Please Contact us to learn more!

YES! We offer a variety of courses that are great for those new to firearms! Our Curriculum also takes you step by step teaching you everything you need to know to go from beginner to a advanced level shooter.

YES, and NO.  The Firearms used at Low Signature Resource Center are registered firearms.  Meaning, if you are not allowed to be near or around firearms (i.e. Felon) you will not be allowed participate in any activates that include firearms.  With that being said, we offer a large variety of field skill and medical courses that you may be able to attend.

LSRC strives to bring the most realistic and immersive training available to Civilians, Military, and Law Enforcement Professionals.

A multitude of course covering Handguns, Rifle/ Carbine, Shotgun, Long-Range, Medical, Fieldcraft, Survival, Active Shooter Defense, Close Quarters Battle, Small Unit Tactics, Concealed Carry, Night Vision, and much more...

Contact us to learn more!

YES, We do offer the option to rent out the classroom to select individuals and groups, and we also rent out the shoothouse to select groups, agencies, and units. We require you come in for a tour of the facility prior so we can review and discuss your training needs.

The Facility is NOT a Life Fire Range!

We train with Simunition (UTM) and Airsoft only, Live Ammo is not allowed in the training area! All CCW Holders must check in or stow their firearms before entering the training area!

Live Ammunition is only used during our Live Fire Courses at specific ranges in Southern California.

The Shoothouse is always evolving, but the main floor is approximately 2,750 Square Feet. The Cadre changes the facility regularly to ensure students are always exposed to new challenges.

We do offer discounts on memberships to Active MIL / LEO Students, We do not offer discounts of Public Courses or POST Certified Courses on the individual level.

YES! We do allow children in the facility. However, be advised that they need to be able to safely hold the firearm and have a high level of maturity to train.  We typically allow children under the age of 17 to participate in basic firearms in the simulator and field skills training only. 

Live Fire Ammo Count

Handgun Courses we recommend you bring approximately 400-500 rounds for single day courses.

Rifle Courses we recommend you bring approximately 400-500 rounds plus an additional 100 rounds for your handgun.

For all other dynamic courses all coordinating instructions will be send out prior to the course.


We do not offer pricing over the website, pricing and membership options are only offered to those who have completed the free tour and intro training session.

We vet all potential students before they join our program to ensure a safe and positive training environment to all current members.

Pricing is affordable, and there are multiple options to pay for your membership!

To learn more schedule your free intro training today!

The first step is contacting Low Signature Resource Center. You will need to schedule a time to come in and tour our facility! After completion of the tour we will go over the next steps.

We take pride in our students and hold them to a high standard.

We hope to see you soon!

Each membership comes with a number of classes and courses, these are broken down to give the student the ability to attend the up coming events as they please.

We also offer consulting services for individual and groups to better prepare themselves for events of high stress.

YES! We do offer memberships for couples, families, religious groups, agencies, units, teams, and more!

Please contact us to learn more!